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As a company that focuses on quality, testing is at the heart of everything we do. We are LEEA accredited and have state-of-the art testing equipment to ensure all components are tested to the highest industry standards.

All our testing equipment is routinely serviced, maintained and calibrated by an independent specialist company.

Breaking Load / Test to Destruction
Used to determine the Minimum Breaking Load (MBL) and the Actual Breaking Load (ABL) of an assembly (up to 30 tons).

Proof Loading
Proof load testing is generally performed with the Working Load Limit (WLL). The assembly is subjected to this load and monitored over time. As standard, we perform proof load testing of two times WLL (up to 30 tons) for two minutes. But we can change this criteria to meet your requirements.

  • Why Choose Us
  • All components are fully traceable and certified to ISO9001 standards
  • LEEA accredited
  • Certified with Safe Working Load (SWL) and Minimum Breaking Load (MBL)
  • Proof loading to your criteria, with full test results and certification
  • Testing equipment is routinely serviced, maintained & calibrated


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