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Bespoke Design

With years of experience in bespoke wire rope solutions, why not challenge us with your problems. Our in-house team of experts will not only offer expert advice, but will...Read more

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Fuse & Tapering

Our expert team of highly trained engineers can fuse & taper wire rope ends in all diameters. By annealing the steel in the process, our fuse & tapered ends are...Read more

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Our state-of-the-art production pressing facilities are fully equipped for all diameters of wire rope and fittings up to 40mm with max force of 500 tonnes. Every component...Read more

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Roller Swaging

What is Roller Swaging? Put simply, a component is forced through a set of rotating dies to transform the diameter of the component. This type of 'work hardening' adds a lighter...Read more

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Socketing wire rope is time consuming. We can make your life easier thanks to our fully trained production team and over 30 years of experience providing wire rope services...Read more

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As a company that focuses on quality, testing is at the heart of everything we do. We are LEEA accredited and have state-of-the art testing equipment and chemical analysis...Read more

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Material Analysis

All our components are strenuously tested for impurities before it’s sold to customers-that way you can be sure you’re getting the best possible product...Read more

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Stamping is the most reliable way to identify your wire rope fittings and it’s available on request at SWR. For complete accuracy, we only use dot matrix machinery to stamp your fittings...Read more

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We have been sourcing a wide range of components to manufactures and OEM’s since 1989, utilising our global network of quality approved partners to save you...Read more

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