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Architectural & Structural

Trends in architecture come and go but the use of steel wire rope for strength and structural integrity remains constant. Our products are key parts of structures around the world, used for their high performance, reliability and heavy load-bearing capabilities.

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We know every construction project is fraught with safety and precision concerns. That’s why you should only pick the best products for the job. We supply all types of assemblies and fittings to help processes run smoothly – from lifting to clamping and more.

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Steel wire rope has been an important part of railways since the 1830s. You can use our products today for a variety of functions, such as pulling cable trolleys, lifting, building racks and more. We’ve helped those in the Railway industry for over 30 years.

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Whether zip lining or traversing an obstacle course, you may have come across our products without realising it. They are key components for much of the equipment used in recreational activities – providing strength and maximum safety when in use.

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OEM's & Manufacturers

We work closely with some of the biggest manufacturers in the world to create wire rope assemblies that make products function efficiently and safely. Whether for blinds, conveyor systems or safety equipment, our versatile range has many different applications.

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SWR supplies wire rope for use in marine environments. This includes providing the cable for rigging, mooring and other applications. Whether you need extra-corrosive or versatile materials, we have the right stock to help with your project.

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Tension Structures & Netting

SWR supply wire rope for use in the construction of netting and tension structures. Applications include wired fencing, pest control netting and nets that catch rock fall on slope faces. We will recommend and provide the right components according to your needs.

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Civil Engineering

Wire rope is a necessary component for lots of applications in civil engineering – from complex machinery used in construction to simple wire fences along the road. Many who work in civil engineering use SWR for high-quality services and products.

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Agriculture & Forestry

We stock a huge range of products that help the UK’s Agricultural sector run smoothly. This includes assemblies for transport vehicles and wire rope used in orchard netting and fencing. If you have a particular component in mind, please get in touch.

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Theatre & Lighting Rigging

We supply wire rope assemblies and machinery for production companies around the world, even as far as China. Our fittings play a key role on stage thanks to their load-bearing strength and ability to remain undetectable during performances.

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HVAC Suspension

The Gripple® range of hangers for HVAC applications has been developed to provide a fast and versatile solution for suspending ductwork, heaters, air conditioning, radiant panels and plenum boxes.

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Electrical Containment

Gripple's innovative range of wire rope and trapeze bracket solutions have been developed to provide a fast and versatile method for the suspension of all types of electrical containment.

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