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MARS Armor

Kostinbrod, Bulgaria

MARS Armor is a leading manufacturer of high-quality body armor for law enforcement, military and civilians. Their protective vests are used in combat environments so need to be both bullet resistant and stab protective.

The Story

Military equipment is a highly regulated industry and MARS products are rigorously tested in accredited ballistic laboratories to International standards. As you can imagine, there’s no room for cutting corners when it comes to sourcing the best components for their protective vests.

MARS approached SWR for help on their Model 84 armor: a bullet-proof vest requiring additional parts for its quick release system. An important feature that allows the vest to be quickly removed in urban combat situations.

The Result

We provided small diameter wire ropes cut to specified lengths in our designated workshop. These were approved by MARS Armor who ordered thousands of metres of our product in several batches.

The wire rope was integrated into the final design of their Model 84 armor, ensuring the vest could be removed reliably and quickly upon request.

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