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Industry Wake

United Kingdom

Industry Wake are one of the UK’s biggest wakeboarding firms and have been involved in the sport since its beginnings in the early nineties.

The Story

Their goal is to grow the sport by opening new wakeboard parks all over the UK and Ireland. Industry Wake have already helped open 40 parks around the UK thanks to their expertise-from staff training and consultancy to providing obstacles.

Two of their key product lines are wakeboarding systems that function in significantly different ways. One system is portable and versatile enough for use in waterski schools or even private functions.

The other consists of five or six towers for supporting up to nine wakeboarders at a time. Due to its size and appearance, it’s ideal as a central attraction in bigger, more high-end leisure parks.

Both systems work in a similar fashion: the ropes run around on a pulley which drags the boarder along the water. Industry Wake got in contact with SWR as wire rope needs to be used in order for the process to work safely and efficiently.

The Result

Industry Wake required large amounts of wire rope for their wakeboarding systems. After close discussion and research, we decided 8mm 6x19 galvanized wire rope with a fibre core was the best product to use.

A fibre core provides more flexibility over rope than other types of core-perfect for applications where the rope needs to run over pulleys (such is the case with wakeboarding systems). Also, the galvanised steel construction provides good resistance to corrosion caused by the elements.

We also put together stainless steel assemblies at our dedicated workshop in Hemel Hempstead. This required our Production Team to press ferules on to ends of 10mm 7x19 stainless steel wire rope then manually fitting thimbles to specification.

The rope and assemblies were installed in systems at two of Industry Wake’s biggest attractions: Wake Up Docklands and Foxlake Adventures in Dunbar, Scotland. The customer are more than happy with our service and continue to use SWR for their wire rope assemblies to this day.

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