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Gripple Agricultural Products

Gripple Agricultural Products

Gripple Agricultural Products

Gripple is the market leader in wire joining and tensioning. Superior to traditional methods in every way, their products are cost effective, simple to install and will save you valuable time spent on labour.

SWR is proud to supply the full range of Gripple agricultural products – designed for use with a wide variety of wires across all types of fencing and trellising.


Need the strongest and fastest way to install and maintain a solid trellis structure? Look no further than the Gripple Plus range.

Its patented push-fit system uses ceramic rollers to grip the wire while under tension, yet additional tension can be applied at any time. The result is a secure join that keeps time and labour to a minimum.

The Gripple Plus range combines zinc housing and a ceramic roller for maximum resistance to corrosion. Designed for use across all common wire diameters/gauges in vineyard applications, Gripple Plus products require no bending or knotting for optimal durability.


For orchard trellising, choose Jumbo from the Gripple Plus range.

The hardened ceramic roller allows the Jumbo to support working loads of up to 600kg, without sacrificing the trademark simplicity of the Gripple system. The Gripple Plus large can support similar loads and it’s easy to tension both products using the Contractor Tool.

Also, Gripple products allow trees to be planted just one metre apart for higher densities and increased yields.


Gripple products work with a wide variety of mild and tensile fencing wires. Use them across barbed and plain fencing types and on anything from stock to electric fencing.

The Gripple Plus range ensures you can join, tighten and repair wires without the need to tie knots. This means no compromise on wire strength. Gripple’s patented push-fit system also grips the wire and allows you to apply extra tension at any time. In addition to the Gripple Plus range, there is also the T-Clip. A revolutionary system for securing a fence at an end post. Use on horse and deer fences where space is tight and there are multiple line wires.

We also stock Gripple Plus Anchor Kits for bracing and anchoring applications.

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